About Us

Who We Are

Complete Hydraulic Service specializes in hydraulic repairs from all industries. We have been in business since 1994 and have a combined employee background of experience of over 400 years. Our newly renovated facility encompasses over 60,000 square feet. We also specialize in small, medium and large runs of machine work, from prototype to 1,000 Parts. Our areas of expertise include hydraulic components and extruder tooling, but we are not limited to these areas.

We have CNC's and manual machines that are run by journeyman machinists with many years of experience in these areas. From 1 to 1,000 parts, you can rest assured that your parts will be made right the first time. Please take a look through our brochure to see how we can support your needs.

• Mobile Line Boring
• State of the Art units for your convenience
• Size Capabilities 2" through 24"


Complete Hydraulic Service machines many items for the hydraulic industry. We machine new hydraulic cylinder parts that include rods, glands, pistons, eyes, ports, blind ends, and retainers for mobile equipment and steel mill type cylinders. We can also machine valve and manifold blocks for these areas. We do salvage repairs for these components also including welding, boring the tube and rod eyes with the snap ring grooves. We offer free teardown, inspection and quoting of your component repairs in our shop. We offer CAD drawing, designing, building, repairs to mobile, earth moving, industrial and scrap recycling industries. We offer reseal only options and also aftermarket parts availability. We also offer an extensive exchange inventory for minimal downtime. If you need a quote call us or contact one of the Hydraulic Sales Representatives. Have a look at a sample of the work we have done in the hydraulic industry.


Rubber and Plastic Extrusion Industry
Complete Hydraulic Service's capabilities also extend to the extrusion industry. We have machined extrusion heads, water cooled heads, breaker plates, die blanks, air pins and pin bars. We will machine to your prints and offer inventory management of parts, to save you time and money. If you need something machined, just contact us or one of our Hydraulic Sales Representatives and we will get you a quote.

Machining and Salvage Repair in all industries
We offer many different machining capabilities to serve our diverse industrial customers. We will machine to your design drawings and inventory items in our large parts department. If you need a quote please call or contact one of our Hydraulic Sales Representatives.