Replace, Repair, Reseal, Remanufacture

Complete Hydraulic Service machines many items for the hydraulic industry. Our capabilities include:

  • Machining new hydraulic cylinder parts that include rods, glands, pistons, eyes, ports, blind ends, and retainers for mobile equipment and steel mill type cylinders
  • Machining valve and manifold blocks for these applications
  • Salvage repairs for these components to also include welding, boring the tube and rod eyes with the snap ring grooves
  • Free teardown, inspection and quoting of your component repairs in our shop
  • CAD drawing, design, building, repairs to mobile, earth moving, industrial and scrap recycling industries
  • Reseal only options
  • Aftermarket parts availablity
  • Extensive exchange inventory for minimal downtime

If you need a quote call us or contact one of the Hydraulic Sales Representatives.