Hydraulic Cylinder Reseal

Cylinder Reseal Service

Resealing a cylinder before a major failure is oftentimes a wise investment.  Repair indicators such as leaks and drift can be clues that it may be time to consider resealing as an option.  Leaks are a potential ingress point for contaminants and also cause loss of fluid.  In addition, a leak can allow air to enter a system.  Drifting is another signal of potential issues and a proper reseal can produce measurable performance gains.

Complete Reseal Service

At Complete Hydraulic Service, we adhere to a stringent reseal process that will restore your hydraulic cylinder to OEM specifications for like new performance. Our technicians use the proper technology, tooling and equipment to ensure a sustainable repair every time. Complete Hydraulic Service is also a Caterpillar 5 Star Contamination Control Facility so you can be assured the cylinder is clean inside and out when complete.

Here are a few key components of our Complete Reseal Service

  • Every cylinder is received in our wash bay and thoroughly cleaned of all external contaminants
  • Technicians then disassemble using non-destructive methods to preserve the integrity of the cylinder
  • All internal & external parts are cleaned to meet our stringent contamination control standards
  • A detailed inspection of all cylinder components is performed and documented
    • Tube is measured for size, roundness, straightness and significant bore damage
    • Rods are inspected for size, roundness, straightness and chrome condition and thickness
    • Eyes or alternate mountings are examined for both fit and function
    • Pistons, heads and glands are scrutinized to ensure a proper fit for seals and rings
  • All components must meet or exceed OEM and Complete Hydraulic Service standards
  • Before final assembly we hone the tube, polish the chrome rod and remove all burrs
  • All components are then washed super clean to meet our 5 Star Contamination Control standards
  • Once final assembly is complete, the cylinder is tested and painted before being returned to service