See for yourself...

"I walked in the door and they took it right back to the hydraulic shop, took it apart, next day I had it in my hands.
Dave stated, "They were very helpful, very professional. I told them I will be back for more than just pumps. They took me through their shop and showed me all they do, and I told Scott all my work will be coming your way." When another place called me to repair this crane they said 14 weeks out. But at Complete Hydraulics, they had it fixed in 2 days because of your people there. I've been to a few other dealers, and the only place I got any satisfaction was from your people." - 8/22/16


I have had a good working relationship with Complete Hydraulic Service.

Jordan said "The guy I deal with at the parts counter is Ben and he is personable, easy to talk to and knows what he is doing." - 10/11/16

"I was really impressed..."
George stated, "I was really impressed that for the small job that we had, they still put their best effort into it." - 9/26/16

"I am really happy with their service, they kept me well informed through the whole process."
Chuck said "They did a good job, they did exactly what was asked of them, and they completed the work when they said that they would." - 9/8/16


The Complete Hydraulic Service Difference.

"I plan on using them for my main hydraulic repair service."
Bryan stated, "They did exactly what they said and in the time frame they said. Honestly, it's really hard to find companies that will give you a quote and stick to it, and do it in the timeframe promised." - 11/21/16

"I'm very happy, I've worked with them for years."
Darrel stated, "They do good work, and keep me informed as to what's going on, it's everything you'd need." - 11/21/16

"Our salesman is John McGowan. We're good. I'm happy."
Rick said "The sales man comes down and explains everything. They get it done in a timely manner. It's all EOM, we use EOM. So that makes it simple. - 11/15/16

"The main thing is that they come with what they need and they do a beautiful job."
Dominic said "They've got really competent people. They come out, all setup to do their work, they stay busy so I don't have to stand over them, they show up on time and leave on time, and they do a quality job. Their price is reasonable. - 11/2/16

"You guys are very helpful, even over the phone."
Mike stated, "You guys are very helpful, even over the phone. Tim helps me tremendously, even with little stuff." - 10/25/16